About us

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We are a company focusing only on fatbikes and fatbike related things. Our passion about fatbikes makes us  look for new innovations and ideas all the time.

Our goal is that everyone of us in the nordic countries could have an own fatbike. IMIKI fatbikes and accessories are so that all can afford and still the quality is there. We want furthermore to have the best bikes and accessories that is manufactured.

IMIKI tests all the products in the northern climate and seasons. We also design many of them  to make sure it works in these circumstances.

FATBIKESHOP.FI  is the only web shop having the right to sell the IMIKI fatbike brand.

We have all the parts, spare parts, wear parts, tires which sure fits together with the other IMIKI products. We keep most of them in stock all the time.

If you have ideas or questions please send us on mail@fatbikeshop.fi your toughts, we are more than happy to receive and develop further based on them, THANKS