Question 1: What size of the IMIKI fatbikes should I choose? Answer: The IMIKI fatbikes are designed for two different length of peopel, the 17″ fit a person shorter than 177cm and the 19″ for peopel longer than 177cm. If you are just at the edge it’s always best to choose the smaler bike.


Length of person


Frame size Groin-foot measurement
190-177cm 19”  (L) 85cm-91cm
177-150cm 17”  (M) 75cm-85cm
125-150cm (7-11age) 24” wheel size
105-140cm (5-9 age) 20” wheel size

Question 2: How do I do if I find a quality defect? Answer: You simply send a n e-mail to warranty@fatbikeshop.fi including the explanation, remember that photos tells more than 1000 words so please insert photos.