Guarantee Terms


a) The warranty is valid from the day the bicycle is handed over to the purchaser

b) The IMIKI bicycle sold for private consumer use come with a 1 years warranty. An additional of 2 years is possible to purchase for an extra fee.

c) The warranty covers defects from manufacturing and raw materials.

d) In matters concerning warranty we recommend to use home page and inform with an e-mail to including pictures and text what has happened. The payment slip works as the proof of warranty and should always be presented when making a possible claim.

e) Tools, wires, reflectors and possible bicycle lights are not covered by the warranty

f) The warranty does not cover defects caused by regular wear and tear, deterioration, incorrect use, competitive or rental use, faulty service by the purchaser, use of non OEM spare parts, faulty repair and mounting or changes which have been made in the structure without the written consent of the manufacturer

– Defects or faults in such places, which, according to servicing instructions, require servicing or adjustments after the bike has been delivered will not be considered fault if the defect or fault goes away after service check and adjustment.

-Small superficial defects which do not affect the solidity of the product or the products capacity for use and small irregulars in the painting or chrome which have been caused by weathering are not considered to be faults under the warranty.

-The warranty does not cover defects which arises from uses of the bicycle which can be considered to deviate from normal private use.

g) The warranty does not cover transport damage, this shall be claimed to the transport companies.